A mild night, but warm clothes requests on the up…

Tuesdat 4th October
By Paula Wadbrook

Driver: Sheila Bhati
Server: Paula Wadbrook
Server: Heather Bayley
Cook: Anna Fryer


Those were the words on everyone’s lips as we sped through the streets of Manchester tonight.

Anna's delicious beef and veg chillis with rice

Anna’s delicious beef and veg chillis with rice

Armed with 24 of Anna’s delicious looking and smelling beef and veg chillis with rice, the team took to the streets with Sheila driving and new recruit Heather doing a stellar job serving for the first time.

Thanks to Nick and Ames for sorting out jumpers and water.

It seemed quiet out there tonight and we had to hunt around for diners as many people were not in their usual spots.

One of our diners, looking amazing for 61, passed on the wise words, ‘Ya think young, ya stay young. Ya think old, ya get old.’

What a brilliant team xx

What a brilliant team xx

Lots of requests for sleeping bags, blankets, underpants and joggers (or ‘under-cracks and over-cracks’ as one diner put it, coining a new phrase!)

We also saw Barnabus team out and about with hot drinks too and had a catch up.

A mild one tonight but bound to get colder so let’s put a massive shout out for those undies, socks, joggers and sleeping bags. Thanks Mad Dogs. Xx

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