Cheese-tastic food and a brilliant poem

Wed 21st Sept 2016:
by Laura Chesman

Rachel Jowett had food all boxed up and ready to go for us, cheese pie with sausage and beans which looked and smelt delicious! We set off with Florance Hardnutt driving and Grace Houston and I serving. Unfortunately there were no clothes available from Nick and Ames due to the flooded cellar but Florence had done a great job of sourcing a couple of bags of clothes for us to give out.

The start of the run was pretty quiet but it picked up closer to town, and we’d given out all the meals by the time we had finished our usual route. 

One of our diners was writing poems and was really keen for us to take one and let him know what we thought. Pic was too blurry, but poem below, it would be good to let him know we’ve seen it if we bump into him again.

A few requests for ladies underwear, size 10 trousers and socks, and mens size 30 trousers (preferably with long legs).

Thanks to Florence and Grace for a great run and Rachel for the food – it went down a treat!


A house is not a home,
A house is just bricks and mortar,
A home is where your loved ones are,
Mummy, Daddy, son or daughter,
Build your house on good foundations,
Treat your home the same,
Be the walls that keep the wind out,
The roof that stops the rain

A house is not a home
til it’s filled with friends and kin,
You can be the doorway to let your loved ones in

Keep your house in good repair
to protect you from the weather,
But you must be the mortar that holds it all together,
So if you don’t have a house you’ll always have a home,
Just keep your loved ones in your heart,
A place to call your own

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