Donations make our world go round…

Monday 3rd October 2016
By Hell Tate

Food/water/sock run

Server: Tom Waring
Server: Joshua Blonnday
Cook/Driver: Hell Tate


Hell and her little red car with Hannah from Uni-Cycle

Tonight’s run was made possible due to the kind donations of socks from Clive Jefferson from Ulverston in Cumbria and the most amazing Hannah from Uni-Cycle (a scheme set up to reclaim unwanted items on University campus’) who donated a mountain of food, and, cakes from Sarah Rawlings, huge thanks to these three.

14484753_10153927858966409_6861512653427948024_nThanks to Nick & Ames & Melanie to their never evening sorting of clothing donations that gets taken out when requested.

A very quiet start, but it picked up later on and ended a little further than usual.

Only one request - for some warm clothes now the weather is turning. It’s sad to see life on the streets is really taking its toll on some of our young lads.

Always feel a bit cheesy saying this but please remember this wouldn’t be possible without all you lot so big up yer selves and keep commenting, keep liking, keep sharing on FB and more – let’s get Mad Dogs everywhere


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