Food and Drink

We always need food, both fresh and canned. We especially need non-perishable items and bulk carb items like rice, pasta, tomatoes, beans and any ingredients which can be made into stews. We also need a steady supply of small bottles of water.

All our meals are divided up into individual portions and it’s important to keep the meals hot for as long as possible, so we are very grateful for regular donations of foil food containers, such as the ones used for take-away dishes. Similarly, we need plastic spoons to give out with each meal.

Clothing and Survival Supplies

All clothing is welcome, but we have a particular need for socks, underwear , waterproofs and tracky bottoms. Seasonal items items such as hats, coats, gloves in the winter and t-shirts & lighter warm clothes in the summer. You don’t have to buy new though; second-hand clothing and supplies are extremely welcome, but we do stress that they must be clean and wearable.

How to Donate

If you wish to donate please contact us on one of the following:

Mail  info@maddogsstreetproject.co.uk FaceBook Mad Dogs Street Project Twitter  MadDogsHomeless

Thank you.