Food Run – 15.09.15 – Delicious Veggie Stew and Flapjacks

The servers congregated at Hell Tate‘s house to pick up a delicious smelling veggie stew and flapjacks, then headed off with Danielle Rose and Laura Gibbons serving and Richard Addison behind the wheel.

‘We started off in Chorlton where we saw a young lad who spoke of how he had become homeless after the break up of his long-term relationship. He thoroughly appreciated the hot food we had for him.

Similarly we fed a number of young looking lads once we got to Fallowfield.

As we got down to Deansgate we managed to feed a number of people who were very grateful as felt they weren’t spotted by past food runs.

A young couple on Deansgate said they had only  recently become homeless. They had a tent and belongings stolen and so only had the clothes they had on them. We were able to give them a big sleeping bag and they were incredibly grateful.

Slightly further down on Deansgate there were three guys, a girl and a dog. They were very pleased we had come past and had just enough meals left for each of them.

Successful run again, thanks to Danielle and Richard who were fantastic run buddies and to all who make Mad Dogs work possible xx’

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