Helen, Tom & Josh serve up vegetable bean stew with lots of donated clothes

Monday 5th September

Food, water & clothing run

Thanks to the public for donating all the clothing items we took out tonight & thanks to Tom Waring & Joshua Blonnday for being top servers.

Served all portions of Country Veg & Black Bean Stew by 8.30pm.

The donations of tracksuit bottoms were welcomed by all, thanks to who donated those. I’d been given a bag of clothing too and the hats from those were hugely appreciated even in this weather.

As we were coming to the end of our run we came across two ladies, one was desperate to get off the streets, she’s a Grandmother, she used to have a house, a job and a family, she possibly is dependant on substances but that’s not the point. She wants to stop drinking and get off the streets, she doesn’t ever want her family to see her as she is now or know her current situation, how sad. These two ladies could also do with ladies bags, she was crying because she had to ask a stranger for clean underwear, I’ll keep politics out of this ‘cos no-one wants a lecture about that but I struggle to accept that we can’t, as a society do more. I’m glad we found her last night, maybe someone could try to get her a ladies bag tonight??

hell 1 hell 3 hell 4 hell 5Thanks everyone for keeping things going, it really is needed right now.


(Ps photos of the fam helping me get ready and of a tent slashed (nice) of the young lad staying behind the petrol station Fallowfield)hell 3hell 1hell 2hell 4

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