Maddy, Angela & Dave dish up Ames sausage hotpot……..

Maddy, Angela & Dave dish up Ames sausage hotpot……..
Monday, 12th September
A good run tonight. Ames Mansell-Scott cooked up a delicous-smelling sausage, veg and rice hotpot, with top quality sausages made and donated by Angela Dennerley’s dad (Thanks Angela’s dad!). Dave drove and Angela served with me. Nick sorted out the clothes for the run.
The usual route was disrupted because of Eid traffic and roadworks, but we managed to serve almost all of the meals. A lot of people had already been offered curry tonight, but some were unable to manage the spices ( because of ulcers or medication) and were grateful for an alternative. One man tasted Ames’ meal, described it as ‘beautiful’ and asked for a second.
The only clothes request was from a woman who needed trousers. Probably a size 10. Any chance of sending any out on the next run?
Thanks to everyone invved in tonight’s run.

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