Peas Luv & Gravy from Reto Jackson & Jally

Jackson McLean behind the wheel. Thanks to all the public who have donated the items that Nick +Ames sorted out, T-shirt s , coats, ladies bags+water+ a bag prepared for Billy. Thanks to Jally Ra for cooking and serving..
We had about 40 portions of Mexican Rice and Casserole & cakes baked by Cris. Few people were in their usual spots and we got right round the entire route except for the Northern Quarter due to lack of diners…
We got them all out in the end though finishing up round Piccadilly Garden s and the station approach.. Billy whom we had a bag for had left his spot 10 minutes prior to our arrival so I have the bag of clothes etc for him at mine if one of the other runs would like to grab it and try and get it to him, if not I will try meet him on Weds when I go out… Sorry for lateness of write up-Peas luv+gravy. Reto.x cakes-cris

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