Some grumpy diners on tonights run & McFly fans are offered help too!

Compliments were given for the lovely smelling beef casserole which Madeleine Carnwath cooked ,from all of our diners we served tonight to Steve Foxen-Durnien who was serving and myself James Hutton who was at the wheel.We started as we usually do in Chorlton but couldn’t find any of our diners after searching for them. This is happening on a regular occurrence now on a Sunday evening.
We then went on to Didsbury, Withington & Fallowfield where we provided sleeping bags and ladies bags.
We drove just after the Contact Theatre where we noticed a group of people who were sitting with their tents.We approached them over the grass verge when we realised the were lacking nothing much which was in stark contrast to how our normal diners live.It turned out they were a group who wanted a prime spot in the queue to get access to Manchester Academy to see the well known band McFly who are playing there tomorrow evening ( Mon) at 7pm. They must be very keen going to these lengths to get in the queue early.We hope they have a great time watching their idol’s.
We then went to find our friend but he didn’t want any of the beef stew or anything else we had for that matter an he certainly did not want our company as he could not muster the energy to lift his head as he spoke to tell us” No just leave me be please” so back to the car we went and to continue looking for those who actually wanted our help.That is one of the worst things about mental illness often the person suffering isn’t aware of the behaviour that they present to others and sometimes on dark days they just cannot find no matter how hard they try the energy that is required to communicate with someone on a level that is deemed as acceptable.

A male just seemed to appear on the street as wer were servig others asking Steve “Can you follow me round the corner and feed me n my mates as we are round there in a tent” Steve said he would be there in a minute when he got more supplies from the car.We then both drove around where we seen a two man tent on the pavement containing four males all middle aged and intoxicated to the extreme.We provided them with 4 beef casseroles,4 desserts 4 Lge grab bags of crisps and 4 waters.No sooner had we done this then the situation starts turning nasty with one diner who had clearly consumed more alcohol than the rest or perhaps it just affected him differently but he started saying” oh so you think your better than us , you look down your noses at us on the street but do you know what it will come back and bite you all on your Ar_e as that’s what happens you know” We tried to calm the situation down before I shook his hand after he threw a pile of soggy tobacco onto the lid of the stew, that we had given him but deep down I knew we need to get out of there before things escalate to someone being injured After trying some more small talk we both retreated to the car with him still shouting out as we drove way.The curse of alcohol, has such a destructive effect on peoples moods as well as on their lives , there before the grace of god go I.
Back to finding people who want and appreciate our help.I was hoping Pepper would be there as we had food and treats as well as some toys for Pepper in the car.Oh well back in the car till next time we see him then before continuing past St Peter’s Square and the beautiful building that houses the library. One gentleman was not a happy chap when Steve to!d him that the meal he had was our last one after he asked for another three meals for friends who weren’t with him at the time but that he was going to meet.That’s it for tonight all that remains to be said is thanks to everyone who participates to help keep mad dogs project going as without your help we wouldn’t be able to carry out the excellent work that we do.You are all stars every one of you.Tonight we usually have our friend Julie Sexton with us but due to her injuring herself she was unable to participate on the run tonight ,I’m sure you will all join me when I say I hope you make speedy recovery Julie and get back to helping out with Mad Dogs as soon as possible.Good night folks James XX

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