Strangely quiet – a good sign?

Thursday 6th October
By Lucy Clayton Rose

Very quiet run last night!! Pauline Weill made 25 portions of sausage and lentil stew, which looked and smelled amazing! Thank you Pauline!!

14572993_10157585388245338_6077680309432000804_nMark Smith was driving, his first time and did a great job. Leanne ‘felicity’ Turner and myself were serving. There was no one early on but got slightly busier in town - but we still had 10 meals left though, so decided to drive up to Piccadilly where we managed to give 4 people a meal. We then decided to call it a night as the food was getting cold and Mark kindly agreed to keep the food for another run.

It was strangely quiet but we hope that is a good sign! It is getting very cold now and lots of people were very chilly. Luckily we picked up some hats, coats and gloves from Nick Mansell-Scott and Ames Mansell-Scott, which were really appreciated and we manage to hand them all out. Thanks Nick and Ames for sorting that out! Leanne also brought some coats and socks which were all handed out as well.

Lots of people also didn’t have sleeping bags or anything and were freezing so we gave them some coats to put over their legs. Sleeping bags or blankets would also be helpful if possible.

Thanks everyone!!

Lucy xx

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