The Rain Falls Hard On A Hum Drum Town…

The Rain Falls Hard On A Hum Drum Town…
Mad Dogs Run: 13.08.16
by Paula Wadbrook
Well folks, living in Manchester, we’re used to bad weather but last night’s storm was a wet and wild one seeing the City match called off, Manchester Airport flooded and severe traffic delays with roads submerged with the torrential downpour.
But it takes more than a bit of rain to stop Mad Dogs! Our team, delayed by road flooding, arrived about an hour late to collect the meals from Yvette Davies. A huge thank you to Sophie Lewis for preparing a hearty pea and ham broth. Poor Nick and Ames Mansell-Scott suffered flooding to their cellar where they keep all the clothes donations and were unable to access all their clothes. Troopers that they are, they still managed to prepare a bag of jumpers and coats and also the request from the lady who had asked for trousers. (Unfortunately, we did not see her but returned the bag back to Nick and Ames’ porch to go out on tonight’s run.)
As you can see, we were dressed for the weather but luckily the rain abated as we set off with Owen Lloyd at the wheel, myself serving and assisted by Abigail Kemp on her first run. (Great first run – well done Abs.)
The streets were fairly quiet but we managed to find plenty of diners. We one who was soaked and appreciated a dry fleece and warm coat. He said he has no other clothes and would be appreciative of donations if possible. (Medium build)
We saw a couple who have been offered B&B accommodation in Eccles but had struggled to get cash for a taxi out of the cash machine. They were sleeping rough last night so they could go to the bank this morning to get sorted. Both looked well and happy so fingers crossed they begin a new chapter in their lives today.
But the REAL reason we weren’t miserable last night (I do hope you get the Smiths’ pun) is that we met Steve at the end of our run. He was over the moon to tell us that he has been accepted into shared accommodation at Brydon Court in Ardwick and moves in tomorrow. He sounded really positive about moving in and the facilities and support on offer to get him on his feet. He wanted us to pass on his thanks and gratitude to Mad Dogs and said, cryptically, ‘Tell Reto I still want that Adidas jacket.’
(I see you’re on a run tonight Reto with Hell Tate. Maybe check in with him if you get the chance?)
And so, it was with happy hearts that we bid farewell til next time.
Thanks to all Mad Dogs.
P.S. Would we keep in touch with Steve at his new accommodation?paula-1


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